Critical Pedagogy of Place

The Mushkegowuk Cree have found a unique and special way of growing the faith and development of their community and the livelihood of their people.  It is so different from the way that western ideology has expressed how and what to value in life, and it definitely shows in terms of the education that most of us have been taught. 

They have been able to show forms of reinhabitation by involving the youth and all generations in different activities and community excursions as a way to develop awareness.  This also helps in terms of cultural development and understanding.  As each generation grows and adapts to the western world that is fairly unavoidable, they find it extremely important to share with and help the youth.  The elders and community leaders have developed a program that helps the youth learn and experience the values of their ancestors and the importance of the land.  paquataskamik is significant because it refers to the historical relationship to land which encompasses a much larger area than the reserve or family camps  .The relationship that the Mushkegowuk Cree have with the land and the river is absolutely crucial in their lives.  They believe that by sharing the importance of the land and their peoples relationship to the land, they will be able to develop an understanding and respect that can be utilized in all areas of life.  They also talk a great deal about the importance of the river.  The river is the main connection between their people.  Their people believe that by appreciating the river and all that is has done for the people, they will understand the importance of relationships and bond between them. 

I believe it is crucial to be able to take the product of what you teach as an educator and allow it to have meaning inside and outside of the classroom.  All of their lessons and stories allow for each student to grow as a human being which is very unique.  I hope that I will be able to use this because I am majoring in health and i believe that it can be used as a great tool to express the importance of treating yourself and others with the respect they deserve.  I may not be able to have the spiritual connection to the earth and the world as they do, but that does not mean I can not learn or bring in people who have that greater understanding.  Being open minded and developing relationships with people in and out of the community will give me the ability to become a well rounded and meaningful educator

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