Curriculum Politics

I believe that the development of curriculum is solely based on the level of satisfaction of the majority.  People who have power are ultimately the ones that get to voice their opinion and have a say as to what children of today get to learn.  I imagine the process of changing curriculum is extremely difficult and creating progressive ideologies and teaching outside the box is quite frowned upon.  The government most likely has its way of controlling the outcomes and development of curriculum, as their goal would be satisfying the people who have equal or higher social standing.  To create a curriculum with respect to all races, genders, classes, etc., they would no longer be appealing to the people of power and influence, which would most likely result in a lack of support.  Since the governments job is to stay in power as long as possible, this would be hard to progress.

After reading the article, one of the most shocking things I found about the politics and policies of curriculum is knowing how many different groups of people are involved in the process.  Not only the different groups are significant, but the different levels of government, local groups, and community influencers that have a say in it as well.  I never thought about the community as a contributor, but now thinking about the importance of what a province or city feels they need in workers and employment, it makes sense.  I am not shocked by the intense involvement of the government, but it does worry me that their main concern is the approval of the people in power.  This no longer shows the focus of developing the student but ensuring the vote.  The focus should be on the people who are receiving the education because they are going to be the future leaders of the world.

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