Good Student

When reading the assigned readings for this week, I was able to attach a bunch of different lessons that I have been learning in my education courses over the past two weeks.  I have been learning about focusing on our position in a student’s life, and what our role should be for that student.  This poses many different issues because not all students can be affected the same way by the type of teacher you want to be.  In the chapter it essentially explains that students should be a blank canvas.  This would allow teachers to mold and add to them however they please.  They need to have the ability to sit quiet, engage nicely with students, and have the focus to attain all information that is being shared with them, and take that information in the context that the teacher wants them to.  No student comes with a blank slate to work with.  They all have a past and an understanding of the world that may differ from what is expected of them.

The kids that usually get to fit into the mold of what is a good student are the children that are part of the majority.  This favours children in a way that already instills the hierarchy of power at a young age by expressing favouritism and success for children who fit in that mold.  This allows us as learning educators to find the subtle flaws in how we relate and understand the students we one day will be involved with.  We need to have the understanding that all kids have their own way of learning, and that we as educators should not punish them for that.  Is it our responsibility to help them either learn in their best way or help them find ways to develop in other ways of learning to give them the best opportunity possible.

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