Classroom Control

” Schools serve the same social functions as prisons and mental institutions- to define, classify, control, and regulate people.”  -Michel Foucault

I found this quote when I was looking up different theorists and I found it to be extremely blunt, invasive, and quite intriguing.  Even though this quote may not point you in the right direction as to how you should change things in the education world, but it points you away from what you do not want to be as an educator.  When I started thinking about this quote, it made me reflect on my own experience in education.  It reminded me of all the times that I failed, or the times where I did not agree with what I was being taught.  Sometimes it makes me think that the best way some teachers could push progress on us was by making sure we knew about our failures as a student.  The idea that fear of not being normal may have been enough to just push us through the system. 

Teacher’s have one of the hardest jobs out there.  They are responsible for teaching certain curriculum and material that is given to them from above and can find the ways to teach that information in the most efficient and diverse ways depending on how each student learns.  And it is the student’s job to understand and develop the skills that each lesson has to offer.  The interaction that happens in the middle is the most important part of it all.  Teachers and students need to have the ability to grow relationships, trust, and understanding of one another to grow and develop as individuals.

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