Common Sense

Kumashiro describes common sense in a way that most people would not understand until they get the opportunity to read his point of view.  Every person has their own opinion of what common sense is, and it usually only applies to that one person’s beliefs.  We live in a world that is structured and explained to us, only by the morals and beliefs of those who are in power and have the status to create our common sense. He uses examples comparing our way of living compared to those of other countries.  It is our belief, people of the North American lifestyle, to believe that whatever we are doing here is correct and common sense. 

As a white, heterosexual male born into a middle-class family, everything that I have learned and been exposed to in life has been created for people exactly like me.  I have not been exposed to oppression or been treated incorrectly solely on the person I am.  It is very important for me to challenge what I have been taught as common sense because my views have been shaped by the people in power who have had the same privileges that I have had.  This chapter has brought attention to the unseen oppression that many people live with everyday and are taught to accept.  Kids at a young age are pushed through a system with a goal of molding them into a “contributing citizen” in a world that has already set the boundaries and limits to what they are capable of.  As an aspiring educator, it should be my goal to challenge those limits and allow children to develop without having the pressure to be anyone else but themselves.

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